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Helping Women
Turn Fear Into Empowerment On and Off The Shooting Range

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 Please Keep Reading if:

You are not sure where or how to start your gun related training

You had a negative experience around or with a firearm

You have no one to turn to with your questions about guns and shooting


You do not feel comfortable working with a male instructor

You were in a vulnerable situation where a firearm could’ve helped you

You are simply afraid of guns

You are in a relationship with someone who owns guns, yet you are apprehensive

You feel intimidated going to the range

You live alone, travel alone, or simply fear that someone may cause you harm


Start Your



Your 30-Day Program Begins Here...

You can purchase Judit's e-Book, her Firearm Training Journal, and access to her Membership site here!


e-Book: Overcoming Fear of Firearms

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Paperback: My Firearm Training Journal

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Learning Hub: Membership

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The 71 Page e-Book Guide Provides a Detailed Outline With Everything You Need to Know

Checking Out Our Fear

Together we will explore what is behind our gun and shooting-related fear. Strategies to overcome fear related to firearms and the activity of shooting. We will review the elements of empowerment, how to toughen the mind, and some stress release techniques.

Encouragement & Motivation

We understand how difficult this situation may be, but empowerment starts with you! We want you to succeed!

Specific Training Program

Training will be broken down into 4 weeks. For each week, you will create a goal and follow an Action Plan to achieve that goal. Do no more and no less! You will be surprised at the level of progress you make EACH week.

Important Additional Information

Anything and everything you need to know as a new shooter. Knowledge is power! The more you know, the quicker you will become a confident and capable firearm owner.

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Who Is This Program For?

Anyone that has dealt with a difficult situation related to firearms

Anyone that has ever felt fear about guns and shooting

Anyone that is looking for a program to start their journey toward responsible gun ownership

Anyone who is interested in learning about guns and shooting!

Don't let fear hold you back. Your learning & transformation 
begins here!

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Who I am...

Judit Roth

Judit is an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor in Home Firearm Safety, Pistol Shooting, and Personal Protection in the Home areas. She also holds a Range Safety Officer Certificate. Furthermore, Judit is a Concealed Firearm Instructor by the Bureau of Criminal Identification, Department of Public Safety, in the State of Utah.

Judit has taught First Steps Semi-Automatic Pistol, Basic Pistol, Personal Protection in the Home, Home Firearms Safety, Virginia Concealed Carry, Use of Deadly Force, and Utah Non-resident Concealed Carry courses over the last 10 years. She has also trained Firearms Instructor candidates on the topic of “How to Teach Women to Shoot,” as well as new shooters on the topic of “Selecting Your First Firearm,” and “Gun Cleaning.”

Judit has been featured in Combat Handgun Magazine, Breakthrough TV Show about “Gun Safety & the Power to Protect Ourselves” with host Martin Sheen, and in a photoshoot for book illustration in two books by Lynne Finch.

Judit has a master’s degree in the Art of Teaching from Aquinas College, and post-graduate certificates in Change Leadership and High-Performance Leadership from Cornell University. Having formal education and training in teaching truly helped her to create successful curriculums, to lead programs, and to work with people with various degrees of understanding and abilities.

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I’ve been a certified firearms instructor for over 10 years. I realized that no one has been addressing the concerns that my female students had shared with me in the classroom and on the range. Their primary concern was their FEAR of gun ownership and gun culture.

The truth is that many of us experienced fear and anxiety when we were introduced to firearms.

The problem is even though we were all experiencing and sharing the same struggle no one felt comfortable talking about it out loud.

Even worse there were no resources to help us overcome this fear. There was no easy road for us to follow. And this problem was affecting so many of us! It blew my mind that nobody was stepping up to make a change!

You see, women's gun ownership has skyrocketed in recent years. Honestly, I believe, the whole firearms industry was not prepared for us. And even today, it still hasn't caught up!

But women are so resourceful. We often go online to find the information and motivation that we need to achieve our goals. We noticed that much of the information that is available either costs a fortune, is simply inaccurate, or provides a list of recommendations without an opportunity for exchange of knowledge, motivation, and support.

So, this is why I set out on A MISSION: To help as many women as possible who experience fear and anxiety about guns and shooting. Through continuous learning, they can become empowered on and off the shooting range. I am here to help!


And that's when

this program was born!

Why I Had to Develop This Program

Click below to get started!




Your friend,

I am here to help you!

Overcoming Fear of Firearms FAQs

When I purchase Overcoming Fear of Firearms, how will it be delivered to me?


Overcoming Fear of Firearms is a digital product that will be sent to you in PDF form. When you purchase the program, you'll be sent an email with an access link to your Overcoming Fear of Firearms program. Once you click your access link, you will be able to view the content in your browser and you will have the option to download it to your computer.

Do I need to have a gun in order to participate in this program?


No. This book is focusing on your psychological transformation from fear to empowerment. It also includes basic firearms training that you are able to complete without owning a gun.

Can I do this while pregnant?


Yes. This book is focusing on your psychological transformation from fear to empowerment. It also includes basic firearms training that you are able to complete at home without going to the shooting range.

Is there ongoing support?


Yes. Please contact us for additional support, upcoming programs and community.


RG, Jr.

Judit Roth is an excellent and precise instructor. She avidly desires for the student to improve, and is profoundly approachable. She always makes herself available, and trains women and men.


Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to teach me!

I appreciate your knowledge and experience. You have so much to offer and I can hardly wait until your book is out in the world. It will make a difference in so many women’s lives.

Thank you again for helping me overcome fear of firearms!


JR- Awesome instructor! Very easy to work with and I highly recommend! Now considering a level 2 class.

Buy "My Firearm Training Journal" so that you can track your progress once you get to the range! Click HERE!

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