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This is the Number 1 place for women new or inexperienced to shooting to go from not knowing much about guns, from not feeling comfortable on the range, from not having support….. to being confident and skilled and empowered with a firearm!

  • Taking all the fear away and making sure that you feel comfortable learning!
  • A place to hold your hand and take you through each step of becoming an empowered and skilled shooter.
  • A place to share all kinds of questions and wins on and off the shooting range.

This is a place where we cheerlead each other, guide and support each other, all while you become a skilled and confident gun owner and shooter.

This place will get you set up, keep you on track, keep you accountable when you don’t feel like it, and make sure you are progressing, learning about guns and shooting.

Are you interested? I hope so! 😊

This is going to be incredible, and I can’t wait to connect with you!

Getting Into Shooting - Online Membership

Price Options
$22.00every month until canceled
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